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Very satisfied with professional and caring staff, Angie and Shannon.
~ Valerie   W. - 7/3/2018
You were all very professional. Everything was great. Did a fantastic job. You were caring, kind and understanding. Thank you.
~ Cindy   L. - 6/28/2018
I don't remember all the names of your staff but every one of them was very kind and friendly to my family. My family really was pleased with all they came into contact with. I feel it was excellent in all respects. Thanks for all you done for us.
~ Walter   O. - 6/25/2018
John Chalupa and the staff are very professional and made a difficult time much easier. The compassion shown by everyone was exceptional and I truly appreciate everyone for their efforts after my mom passed away recently. I would strongly recommend Newcomer to anyone seeking professional people who are dedicated to assisting with funeral arrangements. You all did a fantastic job and I thank you.
~ Robb   K. - 5/20/2018
John & staff were terrific, my mother was beautiful, the hospice clergy was excellent. Would recommend you to all my friends & family.
~ Sheryl   L. - 4/27/2018
Everything was perfect. Leonard was wonderful. We can see now why people who have used your funeral home recommend Newcomer. Your front desk staff was excellent. Marcus your embalmer was so compassionate to us at this time of grief. He made our son look just like him. 
~ Roxanne   M. - 4/27/2018
Angelia Garcia was fantastic. The viewing & the mass were great. Kudos to all the staff. Your quality of service was excellent. After we laid my husband to rest, everybody came to me saying they were going to Newcomer's when they died. 
~ Theresa   M. - 4/27/2018
You all are always so nice & helpful & I have recommended Newcomer to many! Angie Garcia was awesome! She helped us find the pastor we wanted! Thank you!
~ Janet   W. - 4/21/2018

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