Give yourself a pat on the back! You're dealing with grief.

Dealing with grief doesn’t feel like much of an accomplishment. You feel out of balance and unlike yourself. The routine you’re used to has been changed and you’re just trying to survive every day. However, working through all of this is an accomplishment!

Every day that you wake up and work through everything you’re dealing with is an accomplishment. Surviving grief is no easy task. It requires taking things one step at a time.

Often times, we compare ourselves to other people and even ourselves before the tragedy hit us. When we compare ourselves in any capacity, we feel unaccomplished. This makes dealing with grief even harder when we put too many expectations on ourselves.

After we’ve lost someone, we expect to be okay and back to normal so soon afterwards. We expect to follow some made up “five-step process” and then be back to the person we were before.

Instead of being hard on ourselves, we need to remember to congratulate ourselves. Congratulate ourselves on surviving another day, another week and another month! We were willing to get through this and were willing to take another step. This is a major accomplishment.

Remember that comparison is the greatest thief of joy. So today, pat yourself on the back for surviving it all and continuing to push through. You have grown through this experience and it only can get easier from here!
Posted: June 20, 2019